Mind right, Body tight

Hi, I’m Jess

Certified Fitness Trainer 

and Personal Coach

I’m just an average chick that loves finding out what our bodies are capable of through exercise and nutrition.  

I’ve been a fitness lover since I was a child, following along with my mom’s step-aerobic classes (gotta love

the early 90’s). My mom instilled in me the love for moving, sweating, and taking on challenges…

values I hold to this day.

Fresh Produce


The Ultimate Method

to Change Your Life

Mindful eating, using macros as a tool for understanding portions and nutritional benefits, and specific workouts that utilize the principle of Progressive Overload (for muscle growth).


On The Go


What others are saying about Jess's trainings...

Suzie B.

Jessica offers a reasonable, sensible approach to health and fitness from a solid nutritional, physical & faith-based perspective! This will absolutely change the way you view your health and fitness journey!!

Taylor S.

Kyle E.

Rachel S.

Super inspirational and so helpful! I recently did one of Jessica’s 6 week programs and she was so amazing with checking in and explaining all the work outs plus ways to meet your daily macro goals! Highly recommend her!

Jessica gives excellent scientific and basic knowledge on understanding how macros work. I recently inquired about how to lose weight, and what I should eat. She explains well how this process is not the same for everyone and how you can easily track macros without feeling like it’s just too scientific.

Jessica knows her stuff and loves educating people on weight gain/loss, and how to lose weight effectively in a positive way! She’s a woman of God and is sharing her gift to others, while admitting and using her own personal issues & struggles to help with extra insight!

Get the blueprint for healthy and achievable weight loss without the restriction