Darn Those Trouble Spots...

We all have trouble spots. I personally have long been envious of women with smooth looking, shapely legs with no visible cellulite. I used to be super self conscious about the back of my thighs and… my knees. (I know, it’s weird… but I always felt like my knees were unusually chunky… body dysmorphia is real ya’ll!). Anyways, spot reduction is something that plagues the thoughts of most women that I know and I can totally relate to those thoughts. So, naturally, women want to know… HOW? How can I reduce fat in my trouble spot?

Well, the short answer is… you can’t. Your body is a unique design that basically chooses where it wants to store extra fat. Look around and you’ll see the uniqueness of each body type with some carrying extra fat in their hips, some in their stomachs, arms, legs, etc. The truth is, no amount exercise can completely eliminate the excess fat you hold in one specific area. If it’s your stomach, no amount of crunches can make your abs magically pop out over time. If it’s your legs, you can do all the deadlifts and squats in the world and still not see fat reduction in that area. So… you’re probably feeling a little disappointed by my answer, BUT there is good news…

There is a way, in fact, to feel better about your trouble area and create the changes you want to see...

The big ticket for changing your body composition starts with a calorie deficit. Calories in versus calories out is the key to overall body fat reduction. A calorie deficit simply means that you are consuming less calories than the amount of calories your body uses up for energy. A calorie deficit will reduce your overall body fat, and THEN all of that hard work you’ve been putting in will start to show (and it’s a glorious feeling). I’ve always had pretty strong legs but neglected to find out how to eat in a way that would reduce fat and thus, show the muscle that I’ve worked so hard to build. Once I started implementing proper nutrition and tracking, I slowly started seeing the fat come off and those quad muscles started bulging out.

However…. I still have areas that aren’t “perfect”. I still have a bit of cellulite (although it has decreased significantly), my belly still has rolls when I sit (everyone does), and that leg fat under the booty still gets to me at times. But, rather than focus on those little imperfections, I focus on the changes that I do see. I focus on how strong I’ve become and the achievements I’ve made through training. Mindset is everything!

So, to wrap this up, remember: calorie deficit= overall body fat loss. Strength Training= muscle growth. Simple solution: calorie deficit+strength training= body composition changes! Celebrate your wins and achievements rather than focus on what hasn’t changed.

I hope you guys found this information helpful in understanding why spot reduction is not really a thing, but it’s overall body fat and working hard to train the trouble spots that will get you the results you want. Feel free to shoot me any questions you have on this topic or any other one you’re interested in!

Talk to you guys next week! B2B out!

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