Finding Joy where You Are

I talk about mindset pretty often because it’s the basis of our habits, behaviors, successes, and failures. There’s a reason my tag line says “Mind Right, Body Tight.” It’s because true lasting joy does not come from the ideal body. I’ve been 20lbs heavier than I am now and full of peace, and I’ve been 15lbs lighter than I am now, and full of anxiety. Sounds weird right? Sometimes our minds tell us, if we could just lose the 10lbs we’d be happier, if I could just earn more money, I’d be happier, if I could just do… whatever… I’d be happy. No. Those are silly little lies. DO NOT buy into them. Trust me… I’ve learned from hard experience.

The truth is, we have got to rewire our brains, train them if you will, to find contentment and lasting joy regardless of circumstances, regardless of our wealth or lack of, regardless of our gravitational pull to the earth (your weight). Your value is far beyond those things…. Those are things that will not last forever. What does last are healthy relationships, memories you cherish, and of course, God and His love for us. Other than that girl… let it go!

I am NOT saying that goals aren’t important. I’m saying before you start working towards those goals, set your mind to focus on what’s most important in life so that if things do not go perfectly as planned, you are not devasted and give up. If you don’t lose the 10lbs in a few months, it’s silly to just give up on yourself. Your mind begins to tell you that you’re a failure, you’ve done this before and it’s so typical that you failed, that you’re not consistent or that somehow other people just have it easier than you. Stop those thoughts! They are detrimental to your very being. Realize that your worth does not come from the size

or shape of your body, it doesn’t come from how much money you make, etc. I believe our worth comes from God and that he provides us with relationships that remind us of our worth.

As a Psych major, I’m really interested in why people do, think, and say the things they do. I’ve always been curious about how the mind relates to the body… and as I’ve learned, it has become increasingly more real to me that our thoughts directly affect our bodies and our health. Our entire bodily system is so intertwined that the cues from stress or lack of sleep will literally signal your body to begin protecting you … usually in the form of holding onto fat. Your body literally goes to an all-out war for your protection. SO, thank your body for it. Don’t look at exercise and food as a form of punishment. Look at those things as rewards for your body! You are giving back to yourself and the rewards are amazing! When

you start to feel sorry for yourself because you HAVE to exercise, think of another person who literally can’t because they are bed-ridden or disabled in some way.

Ladies, let’s change our mindsets to thankfulness, balance, love for our bodies, and the provision of so, so many foods that literally give life to us. Exercise and good nutrition is not a chore. It’s a blessing.

If you’re still struggling with mindset, or anything really, reach out to me and I’ll be glad to talk with you. I’ve been through a lot of struggles and I’m grateful to come out of them with more knowledge, wisdom, patience, and grace. I’d be happy to share those with you.

Lastly, thank you guys so much for taking the time to read what I have to say. It’s an honor for me help lift others up and inspire change. We’re all in this together!


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