I’m Dieting but Not Losing Weight! Diet Breaks, Refeed Days, and Maintenance Phases Explained

Let’s talk about what’s usually happening when people say, “I’m dieting but not losing weight!” OR they end up gaining back all the weight, if not more. There’s one thing in particular that people tend to drop the ball on when they are dieting (besides lack of adherence) and that’s taking diet breaks, refeed days, and weight maintenance phases.

I’m going to explain to you today WHY you need to take breaks from calorie cutting, when to do it, and for how long to take that break.

This is going to be essential to your weight loss progress. If you’ve listened to any of my episodes on nutrition, you’ve probably heard me say that quick fix dieting does NOT work because you can’t keep that weight off OR you can’t live with a sustainable way of eating because you’re just eating the bare minimum.

That means that your body is not thriving, it’s not building muscle, it’s not supporting hormonal health, and it’s