Why Can't I Stick to my Diet Plan? Tips for Staying the Course!

So, you have problems sticking with your diet and nutrition plan! Welcome to the club of almost all human beings .. this is not a scarce issue! Likely everyone you know at some point, fell off the wagon (whatever that really means) when it comes to their diet or their exercise routine. And it’s not good, it’s not bad, it just is what it is.. we’re human, we have limited abilities, we’re not always motivated, and we’re usually not always disciplined either. So, first off, give yourself some grace because we all struggle. I never want you to feel like you’re alone in these battles with your food and your body. Today, I’m specifically referencing diet and exercise, but really these principles and tips can be applied to many things in life so stick with me here even if you don’t have a health or body goal.

The problem when people can’t stick perfectly to a diet, is that they binge when diets are broken in some form or fashion. And then, post- binge the individual feels guilt and shame, restricts again for a time, then binges again. The vicious cycle of binging and restricting is proven to lead to feelings of self-doubt, low self-esteem, and anxiety. When you think you have to be absolutely perfect on your diet plan or else it was all for nothing and you give up completely… you usually binge on those foods you missed. There’s so many reasons why women (and men) can veer away from the plans they set for themselves, and I’m going to discuss a handful of them today.

But, First I want to talk about some of the issues concerning body image and unrealistic ideals of what our bodies should look like… because understanding the why behind why we are or become so strict on ourselves with diets and exercise, and the reasons why we are so enthralled with the way our body looks will contribute greatly to either your success or failure in regards to diet and exercise. The first step is identifying why we feel the need to look a certain way and why we feel that we have to do things perfectly to attain perhaps an unrealistic goal.

So, let’s jump into the sociocultural factors. This obsession with one another’s bodies and especially the ideal female body. And actually, the ideal body changes over time.. I’m sure you’ve noticed.