Why Restriction of Food Ultimately Fails

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Complete honesty here… I’ve used the phrase “food is fuel” to convince myself that that’s all it is. I figured if I could just rewire my brain to think in terms of only eating food that is necessary and when it’s necessary so that I could overcome the battle that is food! Well, I did this often, to no avail.

Here’s the thing about food: Yes, it is fuel for your body. We need it to survive. It provides us with energy, nourishes our muscles and organs, and it even gives us clarity of the mind. Nutrient dense food is necessary for a healthy body and mind and that cannot be denied.

BUT (and some may stone me for this), I dare to say that food is actually more than just fuel. It can be a source of great pleasure for our tastebuds which sends little happy signals to our brains. It is something we implement into every celebration, gathering, and event. Tasty food brings people together. It’s often a big part of uniting the family at night after a long day to enjoy delicious nourishment and good conversations.

So, go ahead and try to convince yourself that food is just fuel. I don’t think it works for long. How miserable is it to go to a wedding, a birthday, or a night out with friends, and pick from a veggie tray with the mindset that food should not be enjoyed? I’m not about that life. I want some sweet and savory while I celebrate, and I think you do to…

That’s why placing harsh restrictions on your food consumption is not sustainable, like … at all. You may muster up the will power to last for a few months, and if you’ve got super powers, maybe even longer. But WHY though?

You know what happens to most people that restrict??? They BINGE and start this horrid cycle of yo-yo dieting. When you place a moral value to food (good food/bad food), you punish yourself when you “fall of the wagon.” And then when you last a full week, you then feel as if you “deserve” the dessert or the wine on the weekend. You know what you deserve? To eat food that brings you contentment. It’s all about balance. I eat a lot of veggies and proteins throughout the day because I know that it gives me benefits. But I also eat dessert EVERY night … because I want it. Not because I deserve it, but because it tastes good and I want it. Simple as that. I own my choices. I don’t want to have to justify why I am eating something, do you?

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to restrict what you enjoy to see results. That’s why I’m so happy to have found the macro method. I fill myself up with nutrient dense food throughout the day and I still know that I can eat dessert each night without gaining. BALANCE folks. No more restricting to the point of needing to binge. No more good food/bad food mess.

I hope this helps to break the restrict/binge cycle in you. There’s no need for it. It’s toxic.

If you need more help on this topic, I’m here for you. Please reach out if you feel like you cannot move past it.

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